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We, JBS, are professionals who handle aircraft operations at Narita International Airport. Narita International Airport is an important hub in Japan, with aircraft arriving and departing from all over the world. We deliver seamless support of safe and efficient aircraft operations.


Ground Handling Services

We are here at Narita International Airport to support airline ground handling operation.

Ground handling refers to the various services provided on the ground in airports to ensure the smooth and safe functioning of an aircraft, including pushback, marshalling and baggage handling

Ramp service

Ramp handling refers to the services for the aircraft while it is on the ground including marshalling, parking, pushback, cabin cleaning, cargo loading/unloading, crew support, etc. Through our seamless ramp services, we assist safe and efficient aircraft operations.


The primary responsibility of an aircraft marshaller is to direct an aircraft to its assigned parking spot, ensuring it is safely and securely positioned on the tarmac.
Marshalling staff gives a standardized hand signals to the pilots with limited vision both of the aircraft and of ground obstacles from the cockpit.

Passenger Boarding Bridge Operation

Passenger boarding bridge operation refers to the management and operation of the enclosed walkway that connects the terminal gate to the aircraft, allowing passengers to board and embark and disembark the plane directly from the terminal building. It eliminates the need for passengers to walk on the tarmac or be exposed to adverse weather conditions while accessing the aircraft.


Pushback is the process of pushing an aircraft backwards safely from the parking spot in order to take it to the taxiway at departure.

Our Service

Services currently available (as of March, 2004)

  • Baggage Handling
  • PBB Operation
  • Marshaling
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Moving of Aircraft
  • Air Start

Services soon-to-be-available:

  • Water Services
  • Toile service
  • Ice/Snow Removal
  • Passenger Service


Company name
JBS Corp.
Building Soratobu-Manabiya Labo
111-3 Iwayama
Sanbugun, Chiba 289-1608
  • Ground Handling Division
  • Travel Agency (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Registration No. 3-7754)

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